Ping Test?

Check if your computer can communicate or if the host is reachable?

Ping Test

Confirm if your PC can connect else if the host is nearby.

About A Ping Test

It is a method to assess the expectancy or holdup in communication amongst2 devices (hosts). It is extensively used to assess the status of communication &at times the packet loss. It may not be incorrect to state that the ping test has become the foremost tool used every time we are facing any problem on the net or with the connectivity.

To simply put it, ping tests assist us spot if target host reacts or not (communication status) & how much time it needed to get the reply to the request (Round-Trip-Time).

Working of a Ping Test

Ping tests uses (Internet Control Message Protocol) ICMP for sending an echo appeal to the target hosts& then wait for a response, after a reply is established, it logs the complete time it required. If there is no reply, it hints that the target host is not accessible. Few tools for ping test even contain the packet loss test for highlighting if there are some packet losses in the path of communication.

Are Ping, Lag, And Latency the Same? Latency is the interval in transmission between 2hosts that causes the user experience lateness & occasionally causes repeated disruption of net. Latency is signified with Round-Trip-Time (RTT). RTT is the complete time it is taking to forward the request packet until a reply is obtained from the target host. This is calculated in mille-seconds (ms).  Ping is in fact a method to gauge the delay/latency between 2 communication hosts. There are several ping test stools that differ into their functionality; still the key principle continues the same, i.e., determining latency between 2 hosts. Latency might bring about lag. Lag could be defined as the gap in online event, where client appeals are sent still the reply from the server takes exceedingly long, therefore affecting the user’s experience. It is usually confronted in online games through multi-user setting.

When to-do A Ping Test?

A ping test may be done every time you experience poor internet speed, recurrent disconnections & other browsing problems. A ping test may even help to highlight the packet loss.

What Do I require to-do A Ping Test?

Doing a ping tests is extremely easy. All you require is a ping test tool & the host name or IP address & in few incidents, the domain name of host that you wish to test. There are several tools for ping test over the net, like the one on our site. Besides, almost all operating system even has this ping tool. In Linux environments &Windows, you may use CLI (Command Line Interface) to do ping tests.  For instance, if you wish to know the connectivity through a Google site, simply enter this command CLI ping. 

Identifying Ping Test Outcomes Decoding ping test Outcomes is not as complicated as it appears. Maximum ping tests sum up the outcome at the end. Here is an example of a ping test outcome from the command prompt. Generally, ping test tools can offer you with one or all the below. Below Example is a sample of a ping test by a Windows run machine