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Check if your computer can communicate or if the host is reachable?

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HTTP - 80 SFTP - 115 SMTP - 25 HTTP - 8080 FTP - 21 SSH - 22 IMAP - 143 HTTPS - 443 RSYNC - 873 POP3 - 110 IMAPS - 993

Port Checker 

There is a free Is My Port Open tool which you can use to examine if a particular port on the PC or device is open to the public or not. This is mostly being used for testing if port forwarding is set up on the machine. For some software, a particular port requires to be available to the public.

If you face connection issues this tool is extremely helpful with a certain software, app or game on the device. It even helps you spot if your port is either obstructed by the firewall or if you have procured measures to close/open it.

Popular Ports

A popular port is the one where all protocol of the network service has a particular port allotted to it. Below is a list of popular UDP/TCP ports.

About Port Checker

Port checkers are online free tools to establish open ports on your PC/device. The port checkers support check port forwarding settings over the machine. For instance, if you have any connection problem by any program, its port might be getting obstructed by an ISP or firewall. Thus, a port checker will help you know if the port is getting obstructed for the interaction or is open for it. It even helps with the safety, as an uninvited open port may be risky for your PC.  Port Definition Port is an interaction endpoint into the networking system. Any connection, wireless or physical, is done at a port of the hardware device. In any operating system, a port is a valid construct which look like a certain process or some network service.

Port numbers are 16-bit unidentified numbers by which they are identified. The number is a blend of its protocol & address. The protocols which use port numbers contain User Datagram Protocol (UDP) & Transmission Control Protocol (TCP).  Usually Port numbers have 2 ranges, registered & well-known. The ports of net services by a specific port allotted to them are popular ports. For instance, port 25 is for SMTP, & for HTTP port 80. Registered ports are the short-term ones for the users that change every time somebody uses them. They are even called as short-lived ports as they just function for a short term. The variety of eminent ports is from 1-1023, & registered ports are 1024-65535. Closed Ports vs. Open Ports

A port which can undertake packets of data in network transmission is an open port. A closed port is the one that discards networks or disregards any packets which are pointed at it. But, an open port is not sufficient to launch a communication network.  The port even requires having an application organised on it that can accept & sort out the incoming packets. If no application is listening on that port, it will scrap any of the incoming packets. A port may even be closed by a firewall. A firewall displays the port as closed for each packet, excluding the ones for ones that are configured.

What Is Port Forwarding?

Port forwarding is a method of redirecting the data meant for a specific IP/port grouping to another PC's IP/port combination. A program operating on the host mostly runs the redirection; still it can even happen owing to a firewall, proxy server or router.