What Is My Proxy?

Maximum firms run a central proxy server for controlling the traffic over the net. It acts to make sure that uninvited sites are obstructed; common websites are reserved for a quicker browsing experience although also to control the bandwidth settings.  Just take, a proxy server helps in controlling the gateway between you & the net service you use. It works as a transitional server & confirms the split-up between you & the sites you surf.

Technically speaking, the proxy server is just like a web filter or a firewall & helps you store data to accelerate your internet surfing experience.

What is my Proxy?

For accessing the admin page write tools in the address bar of web browser or hit on the below link.

No Proxy detected.

What is my IP Details?

IP Address:

Location: Ashburn, US(UnitedStates)

Latitude: 39.043701171875

Longitude: -77.474197387695

Working of a Proxy Server

Main tasks of the proxy servers are to cope with requirements for any net resource; it then locates the local reserve of the earlier pages & go back to the user so that they might finish the task – all this occurs within seconds.  By a quick net connection, this task may be done within a second. Still if the page which has been ask for is not on the user’s reserve, then the proxy server works as an intermediate & employs its own IP address (this is ensured by concealing IP online that covers the original IP) & states the demand for the webpage from the server over the internet. After the page is revisited to the proxy server, it sends it to the user & thus, ends the task.

A proxy server is even used to supply safe access. For example, in a particular situation, a proxy server is used to offer the user with anonymity & privacy.

Why you require A Proxy?

It facilitates parents & organizations control & monitor what their children or employees are doing – and might do over the internet. Therefore, access may be limited to specified websites after configuring proxy server & refusing access.  A proxy server may even come in accessible if you wish to access controlled websites. Such sites can be controlled by firms or your government. For doing this, login to the proxy server from a diverse location; for example, if a specific site is obstructed in the state of Arizona, then you may access it by shifting the location setting of the proxy to alternative state.  Most persons & businesses wish to stay remote on the internet; a proxy server allows them doing so by always sending appeals on their behalf to the sites they desire to surf – thus, not quit the place from where the appeal has commenced from.

Pro Tips

Any great proxy server helps in saving bandwidth & improving the net speed as it may cache common websites hence when somebody sends a request for it, the users may be offered the recent saved copy. A great server even helps in safeguarding your internet for you; by avoiding malware-ridden websites from incoming the server, you stay safe from any risk that there is over the net.

About My Proxy Server Tool

Since proxy servers persist to become progressively well-liked, users are turning out to be more and more wary of where their net usage. Few of the utmost popular questions which we field are about my proxy server & about my proxy port. For this reason, we have built a complete tool to help you identifying your proxy IP address. Not just What Is My Proxy Tool lets you to understand whether you are retrieving the net through the proxy; however it permits you to tap inside the particulars of your proxy server.