Router Acer Default Login - Username, Password and IP Address

Detected IP Address For Acer Login Admin

Based on your local IP address, this should be your router admin IP address. This is only the case if you are in the same network as your wifi router.

How to access Acer router

An Acer router show up to be an supreme router in delivering all the answers to domestic and official networks. The user is even supplied with the customer instruction booklet with the router which holds all the material on your router in it.

Router Login For Acer

To login to your Acer Router Stick to these orders.

  1. For connecting the router cable to your Laptop or PC. Otherwise use your wireless network.

Proposal - While setting up the Acer router it’s advised using a wired connection. This rule out the threat of unexpectedly being logged off, when is saving your alterations.

  1. Log on to the web browser of your preference & write the IP address of your Acer router in the address tab. At the rear of the router you will notice the ip address.

Simply write your routers default username as well as password by log on the admin panel. For Acer routers you may try one of the default passwords if you don't know the username or password.

What to do if your router stops working after changing configuration

Acer Router Troubleshooting

You are possibly entering the mistaken password or username if you can’t login to your router. Ensure to note down both as soon as you've altered them.

  • Don’t recollect Login Password? Check out hard reset your router login. For doing this, press & hold the small button in black located at the reverse of the router for almost 10 seconds. This can reset the router to factory settings.
  • If the login page of Router does not load? If the login webpage doesn’t load, make certain the device you use is joined to the wi-fi. You may also require ensuring if the incorrect router IP address is settle on as the default one.

Get connected

Every now and then pages possibly will have troubles while loading, or troubles with speed. In this situation, probably your network uses another IP address. If this crops up, check in the list of IP address router, and discover the proper address.


There are a lot of occasions in which you’ll require to reset the modem. It may be for the reason that you don’t recall your password & can’t login to the web interface router. Or maybe, your expert tells you to do so. Check the quick guidebook.

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