Admin Login Details IP Address

To access the admin page type into your web browser’s address bar or click on the link below.


Detected IP Address

Local IP Address:

Admin Router Login

This should be your router admin ip address, depending on your local ip address. This is only the case if your wifi router is on the same network.


Default logins for

IP Address:
Username: admin
Password admin
IP Address:
Username: admin
Password -
IP Address:
Username: admin
Password password

A private IP address is applied inside the local area networks (LAN) and are not noticeable over the internet. is the default modem IP login for numerous establishments together with Huawei, Billion, & ZyXEL. After login into the router you may open control panel, control data business figures, open router setting up & configuration setting & loads of other things such as parental control etc.

Steps to Login in the Router

If you realize 3 things you may login into your modem at once;

  1. Firstly is login IP such as as in our situation, then, user name & thirdly is passkey. If you got all three you are lucky.
  2. Just be present at the browser address box & record the IP router and strike enter.
  3. A login monitor opens up requesting for user name & passkey. Just plugin & you are ready.

But, don't shout out of annoyance if you don't see any or all of these as you may solve this problem in just 5 to 10 mins.

Troubleshooting IP address

  1. If you obtain any difficulty to connect to the modem plus router at you simply check below.
  2. Make certain you are fixed to the network
  3. Check your machine is joined to the router, whichever with Ethernet cables or on WiFi.
  4. Establish that the router is functioning
  5. Certify that the router is connected & activated, lights ought to be lit or signalling differing on your variety and version.
  6. Reassess that your IP address of your router is actually
  7. If IP of your router is something else you will not be up to reach it there.
  8. Double check you have input the right spelling.

Get connected

Out of other possible IP addresses in the remote network variety, has been elected by two manufacturers as the most everyday IP address. Both for common people & professionals this makes it at ease to memorise the address if you need to function with routers, as it is uncomplicated as capturing to the address feild of the browser.


Amongst the big producers’ utilising as the IP default address are AboCom plus OvisLink. However you must keep a note that some versions can still use various addresses than the frequent ones, thus always it is prudent checking the instruction booklet on top.

Router Brands using