Router MQmaker Default Login - Username, Password and IP Address

Detected IP Address For MQmaker Login Admin Login Admin

Based on your local IP address, this should be your router admin IP address. This is only the case if you are in the same network as your wifi router.

How to access MQmaker router

This high-performance, open circuit board offers services with your ISP with one of the smallest builds in the market. Locate the IP address, access the admin panel with a unique Username and Password combinations and then, stay connected with the Internet services. All the necessary information is under the user manual provided and is required to be accessed by every user. Follow along with the article to gain admin access.

Login Steps

Admin login is desirable to alter several settings of your network and present firewall security for unwanted trespassers. Pursue the below process to log in to your MQmaker router.

  1. Merge into a network with your MQmaker router via an Ethernet cable.
  2. Outset any available web browser (Preferably Google Chrome) and plot a course towards the sign-in web page stating the default IP address as in the address bar.

Try out some optional IP addresses stated below if needed.

  1. a) 168.1.1
  2. b) 168.10.1
  3. c) 168.0.1
  4. Cast the username and password to process the login. Present the already set credentials or use the defaults itemized below.

Username: root

Password: (keep it blank)

  1. Gaze into the admin panel of your MQmaker router now and adjust the settings as needed.

TO begin, always set your login credentials as defaults are much likely to get traced, and then, save all the earlier set settings with you somewhere for future reference.

What to do if your router stops working after changing configuration


Losing the login credentials from your knowledge will not allow any new device connected in the future. It is essential to retrieve the credentials with previously noted values is possible. If not, then reset the router to its factory-set values by processing the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Deactivate your router and explore your MQmaker router for a small reset button.
  2. With the assistance of a Pin or Toothpick, press the key for 30 seconds until the lights halt its flickering.
  3. Execute the turn-off and turn-on procedure again to finish the reset.

Now, use the default credentials to gain admin access.

Get Connected

Connecting devices with your MQmaker router is as easy as a snap with just one-time admin login and setting up a network. A detailed process is aforementioned. However, a user manual also has dictated the same in a much-elaborated manner.


Your MQmaker router settings define what type of network you are into, and hence, you must not alter them frequently. When required, sneak into the router's user manual for detailed assistance.

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