Router Turris Default Login - Username, Password and IP Address

Detected IP Address For Turris Login Admin

Based on your local IP address, this should be your router admin IP address. This is only the case if you are in the same network as your wifi router.

How to access Turris router

An open-source, secure, highly advanced, and customizable user network devices manufactured by the brand Turris are on high demand list around the globe. The brand logo over the top surface specifies the authenticity of your router. When missing, report the manufacturer for either a replacement unit or gather the missing information. The below guide will assist on how to configure and set up a secure network space for your work area.

Login Process to your Turris Router

To improve your network security or to solve any connection issue with regards to your Turris router, you must access the admin panel in the first place. Such requires an IP address and User credentials as well.

Gaze upon the below process now.

Step 1: Set up an Internet connection link with your device to begin.

Step 2: Start-out any web browser (Chrome, Firefox, or the naughty Internet Explorer)

Step 3: Input the default IP address in the address bar. Type in the address bar the URL as

Step 4: Spell-out the username and password shared to you. You can trace the details in the user manual or underneath the router's surface.

Step 5: Adjust the admin settings accordingly to set up a Wired or Wi-Fi network. But, Do remember to put in writing all your factory set values and your login data for future reference.

What to do if your router stops working after changing configuration


When admin or network door does not open for your already logged in device, then you need to reset your Turris router with the factory settings. To carry out this, follow some quick steps below.

  1. Switch off your router power, but do not plug it from your switchboard.
  2. Grab any pointed object to press and hold the small reset button on the base of your router.
  3. Keep a hold of it until the lights on the front end stop blinking.
  4. Finally, to end the process, turn your router off and then on.
  5. However, attempt a login to the admin at first, and then manually replace the settings with previously written values.

Getting Connected

Your Turris router is like a small and powerful Internet modem. If, by any means, you forgot the company provided data, then for the first time connectivity, check your manual or brand tag for all requirements to login.


Unlike any other router, just simple tap operation can provide access to your Turris router. You do not require a login username/password all the time. However, to set up the router, you must have admin entry.

Models using Turris