Router HooToo Default Login - Username, Password and IP Address

Detected IP Address For HooToo Login Admin Login Admin

Based on your local IP address, this should be your router admin IP address. This is only the case if you are in the same network as your wifi router.

How to access HooToo router

A company started in 2008 had the vision to provide users with seamless connectivity options and so developed a pocket friendly and one of the smallest portable router, a HooToo router. Your HooToo router offers a wide range of operations dealing with data transfer, internet connectivity, and more. Features are put the same as other routers and need an admin setup.

Login Process

Features such as security setup and network profile setup require an admin login, as supported below.

  1. Set up a bond to your PC with the internet either through an Ethernet cord or your HooToo's Wi-Fi.
  2. Kick start your browser and navigate to the sign-in web page using the default IP as

When this IP does not work, then obey the process mentioned below to locate the correct IP.

  1. At the login page, record the default user credentials. Use admin as username and password both.
  2. Finally, the web interface of your HooToo router will appear with settings as one part.

Note: Always keep in mind to jot down all the factory settings and the modifications made for future reference.

What to do if your router stops working after changing configuration

Troubleshooting steps

After executing updates, somehow, you do not remember the login password, then you need to recover the lost admin access. The best way is to look for the previously recorded values and regain login access. However, when such is not possible, reset the router to its factory default settings. Execute this, as stated below.

  1. Turn your router off and locate the small reset key on one of the router's edge.
  1. Using a Pin or a toothpick, press and hold it for 20 long seconds until the lights stop flickering.
  2. Now, again turn the router off and on to finish up the reset process.

Finally, you can log in using the default aforementioned.

Get Connected

You would require the IP address of the router in the very beginning to set up a communication link with your device. This information is presented in the router's user manual and also on the router's bottom end. Once through, set up your network on the go with all-time access anywhere.


Your HooToo router is a small packet with outrageous service quality. It's lightweight and portable. To be a proud owner of the HooToo router, you must set up its admin panel and update the username and passwords offered by the brand first.