Admin Login Details IP Address

To access the admin page type into your web browser’s address bar or click on the link below.


Detected IP Address

Local IP Address:

Admin Router Login

This should be your router admin ip address, depending on your local ip address. This is only the case if your wifi router is on the same network.


Default logins for

IP Address:
Username: admin
Password admin
IP Address:
Username: admin
Password 1234
IP Address:
Username: comcast
Password 1234
IP Address:
Username: admin
Password epicrouter
IP Address:
Username: admin
Password ttnet

The Internet Protocol address of is a secluded IP address mostly that is managed on home networks. It is the additional IP address in the remote range commencing at It is furthermore from time to time termed as the IPv4 network The bulk of Household network routers broadband occasionally uses an IP address reach which comprises the protocol address. Not much of these router creators contain that of Gemtek, Dell, SMC, & Edimax. The network router possibly assigns to some devices on the home network mechanically, or the real client himself may do it too.

How to login into the IP Address  

The logging process by IP is similar to the way that you may keep to during which logging in to more IP addresses.

  1. As you initiate with the process login, you have to firstly put the IP address in the address field of browser, in this case it is Then keep on next step.
  2. Start up by fixing your router to the ISP net. The fixture to the net can be thru wired cable or with wireless internet both
  3. Afterward, cut through the net browser plus submit the IP address. Then next, the page to login will turn up, and you have to submit the default login to get access.

How to troubleshoot a few Router Related Concerns

While you use whichever recent device, you are assured to face few problems. There may perhaps be very much examples engaged while you can receive a slip-up when you submit the192.168.2.2 IP address in the address box of browser. If the IP address doesn’t be part of the router this will surface. That materializes after you submit in the inaccurate IP address in the search tab. Therefore you have to be sure to submit the approved IP address in to gain entry into the router devoid of any slip-up.

Get connected

Owing to the IP address clash, you could confront logging in issues. This is because of the reason that there are additional devices that are united to the matching IP address. Linked to this IP address there may be any connection concerns. To tackle these petty matters, make sure an accurate connection. In such instances, confirm to verify the connection & resetting your router. The prompt command determines the default gateway concerns.


Connected to this IP address these are few of the points. This IP address is used mostly in the local range routers. As a result it is a manageable IP address & used only in personal ranges.


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