Best Place to position Your Wi-Fi Router


The Wi-Fi signal strength is only the same as your router. Although even if you have a pricey router with all the newest features, it won’t be of importance if you place it in the incorrect spot. Placing your router in a mid-location will cover your home with a strong Wi-Fi signal, whereas placing it behind dense walls can make it difficult to get a great connection with a few distance away. To help you making the most of the wireless router, here are few regulations in helping you to find the top position to place the router.

Position Your Router in a Mid Location

If you position your router on the far side of your house, it will restrict the reach of the Wi-Fi signal. This is since maximum routers don’t have an extremely wide range, & there are lots of things which may disrupt your Wi-Fi signal.

As wireless broadband routers broadcast a Wi-Fi signal in each direction immediately, locating your router in a mid-location offers you the top signal possible.

The top choice would be to put your router in the line of sight with the PC & additional devices. The Wi-Fi connection will be powerful after you may see your router, & it will be weak once there are lots of signal disruptors & blockers, for example thick walls.

Avoiding Dense Walls & More Physical Obstacles

As Wi-Fi uses radio waves for transmitting info, it can definitely be interrupted with floors & thick walls. Therefore, the extra walls in the middle of you & your router, the weak the signal will be. Walls attract wireless signals & decrease the broadcast quality. The most excellent position to place the router is out in the open, devoid of any physical obstacles.

If you wish to understand more on what is Wi-Fi and how it functions, read here.

Elevate Your Router

As radio waves try to widen the signal downhill, place the router up tall on the wall will deliver you the maximum signal. If you position your router on the surface, it will transmit your Wi-Fi into the ground. This could be good if you wish to boost your signal to the below floor, however it would be better if you place your router in an elevated spot, like on topmost of a bookstand. You may also mount the router on the wall to get the greatest signal.

Keep away from the Kitchen

The kitchen is filled with electronic devices which can intrude with your Wi-Fi signal, particularly your microwave. Microwaves give off a powerful signal which works on the 2.4 GHz band that is one of the wireless bands that routers function on, too. Therefore, locating the router nearby the microwave will instigate them to compete & lessen your Wi-Fi signal.

Keep away from Electronic Devices

Electronic appliances are not just seen inside the kitchen. There are various things inside your house which uses radio waves for example your router. Look out for baby monitors, cordless phone, garage door opener, & additional devices which uses radio waves. The finest position for your router would be far-off from these types of appliances which will intervene with the Wi-Fi signal.

Keep away from Reflective Surface & Fish Tanks

Water even obstructs with your Wi-Fi signal, thus it is not a nice idea to put your router close to a fish tank. You even require to keep away reflective surfaces that will distort & scatter your Wi-Fi signal. That indicates locating your router nearby mirrors, windows, file cabinets, & stainless-steel countertops can interrupt the Wi-Fi signal.

Adjusting the Router’s Aerials

Putting the aerials on the router sideways will transmit your Wi-Fi signals upstairs, whereas aiming them straight up transmits your signal around the room crosswise. Therefore, it is greatest to place your antennas upright to each other. This shows, if the router has 2 aerials, you ought to put one of them sideward & the other one vertically. If the router has in excess of 2 aerials, you must alter the place of all the aerials covering an extensive reach of angles.

Wi-Fi signals travel horizontally & vertically. This indicates it’s a great idea to have the router in a raised location, like the top of a bookstand or installed on the wall. Yet, metal & water objects obstruct Wi-Fi signals, hence make certain to put your router further than fish tanks & refrigerators. Locating the perfect router locating takes trial & error, therefore test your Wi-Fi signal strength in separate spots prior selecting your router’s ultimate spot.

Test Your Wi-Fi Speed

Go to a web browser. For the greatest results, you must just have any browser tab access. It is very vital to shut all of the additional applications on the appliance & switch off any additional devices which are using Wi-Fi. This contains any smart televisions, smartphones, game consoles, tablets, & smart homebased devices.

Then open & speed. This is a website where you will operate a speed test on your PC, iPhones, or Android appliances for free.

Afterward, click Go & wait for the Wi-Fi speed test to complete. This check will reveal you the uploading plus downloading speed of the net connection, on top of the jitter & ping. In the end, do again the test. So as to ensure the speed test is correct, you desire to repeat the test in several parts of your house at separate times of the day. The Wi-Fi speeds will get slower or faster, depend on obstacle from other close by networks, clogging on the internet service supplier’s network, & more.

If you have an Apple, Mac, will deal with all the systems & driver updates for you. To confirm the drivers are advanced, strike on the Apple image in the topmost-left corner on the screen next selecting the System Preference. Then selecting Software Updating then click Updating Now.